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Mathematical Association

The Mathematical Association is one of the oldest and most highly-respected
subject associations for mathematics in the UK, and I recently had the honour of
being its President for 2010-11.

Among its 4500 members are maths enthusiasts of all kinds, including
students, teachers, academics and those who simply enjoy 'recreational'
maths. (Even the youngest of mathematicians can take part through the
Primary Maths Challenge).

One of the highlights of the year is the Annual Conference, which is a great way
of meeting other maths enthusiasts and keeping up with recent innovations,
whether in the teaching of mathematics or the subject itself.

Here's a short video of the 2011 MA Conference :

Some further information and pictures.

The 2012 MA Conference had a great buzz to it, too, and
you can see some pictures and a short conference video here.

The MA also runs one-day meetings and branch meetings.

To explore the MA further, click here.

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