David Acheson

Selected Past Lectures

Edinburgh International Book Festival, August 2018

LMS Summer School, Glasgow, July 2018

Oxford Literary Festival, March 2018

Maths Inspiration Show, Reading, Feb 2018

SciBar Oxford, Feb 2018

Maths Inspiration Show, Cardiff, Dec 2017
Maths Inspiration Show, Newcastle, March 2017
Maths Inspiration Show, Leeds, March 2017
Maths in Action, London, Dec 2016
Michaelmas Maths Symposium, Norwich, Nov 2016
Maths in Action, London, Nov 2016

Tuesday 26 April 2016
Backyard Comedy Club, London
An Evening of Unnecessary Detail

...with the incomparable Matt Parker, Helen Arney and Steve Mould of the
Festival of the Spoken Nerd

IMA NW Branch Annual 6th Form Lecture, March 2016
Maths Inspiration Show, Bath, March 2016
Maths Inspiration Show, Cambridge, Dec 2015
Maths Inspiration Show, Winchester, Nov 2015
IMA East Midlands Branch, Nottingham, Nov 2015
Exeter Maths School, June 2015
MA Annual Conference, Keele, April 2015
Cafe Scientifique, Nottingham, March 2015
Community Lecture, Cherwell School, Oxford, March 2015
GCSE Maths in Action, London, March 2015
Maths Inspiration Show, Crucible Theatre, Sheffield, Feb 2015
Maths Inspiration Show, New Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham, Dec 2014
GCSE Maths in Action, London, November and December 2014
Maths Inspiration Show, Bristol Hippodrome, March 2014
Maths Inspiration Show, Marlowe Theatre Canterbury, March 2014
Maths Inspiration Show, Cardiff, Dec 2013
Maths Inspiration Show, Reading, Dec 2013
Maths Inspiration Summer Show, Greenwich Theatre, July 2013
GCSE Maths in Action, London, March 2013
A-Level Maths in Action, London, March 2013
Cafe Scientifique, Salisbury, October 2012
Edinburgh International Book Festival, August 2012
ICMS 21st Anniversary Lecture, Edinburgh, April 2012
IMA Conference, London, March 2012
The Prince's Teaching Institute Maths Residential, Cambridge, March 2012
Community Lecture, Davenant School, Loughton, November 2011
Manchester Science Festival, October 2011

Tuesday 18 October 2011
The Hub, Athens

Maths, Magic and the Electric Guitar

Thursday 2 June 2011
Hay Literary Festival

Mathematics, Magic and the Electric Guitar

Friday 15 April 2011
Mathematical Association Annual Conference, Loughborough

Presidential Address:
What's the Problem with Maths?

Friday 4 March 2011
Theatre Royal, Newcastle

Maths Inspiration Show
Proof, Pizza and the Electric Guitar

MA/ATM Secondary Maths Roadshow, Preston, November 2010
Wolvercote Primary School, Oxford, July 2010
Public Lecture, Netherlands Mathematical Congress, Utrecht, April 2010
RI Maths Masterclass, Bletchley Park, February 2010
Family Lecture, Highgate School, London, December 2009

Thursday 12 November 2009
Criterion Theatre, London

Maths Inspiration Show:
Catastrophe, Chocolate and the Electric Guitar

Maths Evening, Cranford Community College, Hounslow, January 2009
Plenary Lecture at CMS Winter Meeting, Ottawa, December 2008
MSOR New Lecturers' Induction Course, Birmingham, September 2008
Maths Week Ireland Lectures, Limerick, October 2008
Maths Christmas Lecture, Open University, December 2007
Glasgow Science Festival, June 2007
Community Lecture, Thomas Hardye School, Dorset, March 2007

Friday 2 February 2007
Dutch Mathematics Days, Noordwijkerhout, Holland

Plenary Lecture:
Mathematics, Magic and the Electric Guitar

University of 3rd Age, Oxford, January 2007
Hull Literary and Philosophical Society, December 2006
Curle Lecture, St Andrews, Oct 2006

Monday 10 April 2006
British Mathematical Colloquium, Newcastle

David Acheson and Alexandre Kirillov, after their lectures at BMC 2006
Public Lecture:
1089 and All That

Kumon Maths Prizegiving Lecture, March 2006
Maths Inspiration, Royal Exchange Theatre Manchester, Dec 2005
HELM/mathtutor Dinner, Trent Bridge Cricket Ground, Sept 2005
U3A at the Royal Institution, London, April 2005
National Cipher Challenge, Bletchley Park, March 2005
University of Kent, Christmas Lectures, Dec 2004
St Cecilia Lecture, Stationers Hall, London, Nov 2004

Monday 22 November 2004
St Catherine's College, Oxford

Alan Tayler Lecture
1089 and All That

University of East Anglia 6th form lecture, Norwich, Nov 2004
Alumni Lectures (with Marcus du Sautoy), Oxford, June 2004

St Joseph's Primary School, Oxford, June 2004

MA Conference Closing Lecture, York, April 2004
Cribbs Causeway Shopping Centre, Bristol, April 2004
George Monoux 6th-form College, Walthamstow, March 2004

Friday 31 October 2003
Royal Institution, London

Friday Evening Discourse
1089 and All That

London Mathematical Society
Popular Lectures 2003

Manchester University, 1 May 2003
London University, 1 July 2003

Mathematics, Magic and the Electric Guitar
by David Acheson
The Music of the Primes
by Marcus du Sautoy

Marcus du Sautoy and David Acheson, London, July 2003

Video recordings of these lectures may be purchased from
The London Mathematical Society

23 September 2002
Royal Society, London

25th International Mathematical Olympiad Lecture
Mathematics, Magic and the Electric Guitar

Invariant society, Oxford, Oct 1998.(With Don Fowler)
Invariant society, Oxford, Oct 1996. (With John Roe)

BBC TV: Tomorrow's World, October 1995