Some reviews of

Elementary Fluid Dynamics


D. J. Acheson

"A source of inspiration.....the reader cannot help but feel the excitement."
AIChE Journal

"What a refreshing approach ! ....I would strongly recommend it to engineering colleagues who require a stimulating and easily accessible text on fluid mechanics."
Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers

"A first-class introduction to fluid dynamics for students of engineering and science..."
International Mathematical News

"The book is aimed at applied mathematicians, physicists and engineers, but...could cheerfully grace the shelves of any pure mathematician interested in the real world."
New Scientist

"He includes some cute explanations...that should interest students - for example, the Weis-Fogh mechanism for lift generation in insect flight... I really find this a very attractive book..."
Physics Today

"The chapter on waves is particularly useful, having very clear discussions of dispersion, group velocity, sound waves, surface waves, internal gravity waves and various finite amplitude effects....This book can be highly recommended."
Meteorological Magazine

"A very valuable aspect of the book is the historical perspective which the author weaves into it..."
Journal of Fluid Mechanics

"The modern science of fluid mechanics has been built up from many strands, and the author has succeeded in the difficult task of drawing them together..."
Aeronautical Journal

"This book differs stongly from others....with the description of many fascinating phenomena.... This and other features of the book make it....a good text to get beyond elementary fluid dynamics."
Zeitschrift fur Angewandte Mathematik und Physik

"A very nice and original exposition....This textbook is highly recommended."
Mathematical Reviews

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