Some reviews of

From Calculus to Chaos


David Acheson

"This is a thoroughly excellent little book...on dynamics. Its approach is quite unique....and the book deserves a place on the shelves of all serious students, teachers and researchers."
UK Nonlinear News

"A fascinating and unpretentious sweep through the subject....It would make an ideal course text at undergraduate level....partly because of the light writing style, but mainly due to the truly lovely selection of illustrative examples and exercises."
Maths & Stats Newsletter

"The author has been really successful in combining very intuitive mathematics with very intuitive physics in a highly readable book....for first-year courses on applied calculus, dynamics or introductory physics....It will also be very useful to science teachers in schools and to general readers...who wish to use their home computers to keep up with an important aspect of physical science."
European Journal of Physics

"In From Calculus to Chaos, David Acheson manages to bridge the gap, tie the topic into the undergraduate curriculum, throw in some history and practical techniques, and tell readers about the experimental basis of dynamical systems theory - all this without being stuffy."
Ian Stewart in New Scientist

"This is a delightful introductory text on classical mechanics, with a very modern flavour.....highly recommended."
Journal of Fluid Mechanics

"A beautiful historical review of physical mathematics from Newton and Leibniz to the late 20th century."

"Acheson's book is an attractive and clear presentation of the evolution of ideas in nonlinear dynamics. Mathematicians, physicists and engineers from all levels will find it rewarding and entertaining."
S.I.A.M. Review

"A friendly introduction to dynamics that uses historical vignettes, well-chosen examples and computer simulation to survey the field."
Mathematical Association of America

"An enjoyable excursion.....I recommend it to anyone who - like myself - knows calculus better than chaos."
S.I.A.M. News

"This book is a delightful collection of instructive worked examples....enriched with many asides about the history and applications of the mathematics."
Mathematics Today

"....falls into the category of 'books I would have liked to have read in high school and first year in college, and then I would have been much better off '. "
Mathematical Reviews

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