"From Calculus to Chaos"

From Calculus to Chaos

An introduction to dynamics

This book was published in August 1997

by Oxford University Press

Some reviews

The book includes Ten programs for exploring dynamics; and downloading and running instructions are provided on this site.


Introduction, A brief review of calculus, Ordinary differential equations,

Computer solution methods, Elementary oscillations, Planetary motion,

Waves and diffusion, The best of all possible worlds?, Fluid flow,

Instability and catastrophe, Nonlinear oscillations and chaos,

The not-so-simple pendulum

Appendix A: Elementary programming in QBasic

Appendix B: Ten programs for exploring dynamics

Full list of contents

ISBN 0-19-850077-7 (Paperback)

A German translation
"Vom Calculus Zum Chaos"
was published in 1999.

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