The Calculus Story

by David Acheson

'David Acheson's new book makes calculus
human, appealing and irresistible.'

PLUS magazine, Cambridge

'A rollercoaster read...there's something for everyone.
His enthusiasm for calculus is almost palpable.'

New Scientist

Times HE Book Reviews

'David Acheson's previous book aimed at a wide
1089 and All That, rightly got rave reviews.
The Calculus another wonderful book...
It is ambitious, but delivers on those ambitions.'

London Mathematical Society

'A worthy successor to 1089 and All That.'
European Mathematical Society

'It is the antithesis of the dreary way calculus is often taught
in schools and universities....the narrative adroitly manoeuvres
from historical anecdote to elegant and concise proof
in a way that is irresistible...I often found myself wishing
I had been taught calculus like this when I was 16...
it is an example of a much more appealing way
of teaching mathematics (and science generally).'
PLUS magazine, Cambridge

'An illuminating perspective on calculus that stands
on its own or as an accompaniment to more
traditional teaching texts...very enjoyable.'

School Science Review

'A superb introduction to calculus that should be in
every young mathematician's bookcase.'

Society of Young Mathematicians Newsletter

'Perhaps the greatest achievement of The Calculus Story is that
it manages to introduce and explain a great deal of mathematics
without ever losing its friendly, readable voice. It is constantly
engaging and informative, and accessible to a large audience,
giving it great potential to...engage them in mathematics and its history.'

British Society for the History of Mathematics

'A surprising amount is covered in a short time.'
Mathematical Association of America

'I wish I'd had it as a maths student!'
Tim Harford, The Undercover Economist

'Another gem from David Acheson.'
Rob Eastaway, author of 'Why do Buses Come in Threes?'

'Lovely, elegant, concise...'
Alex Bellos, author of 'Alex's Adventures in Numberland'

Matt Parker, author of 'Things to Make and Do in the Fourth Dimension'

Published 23 November 2017

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