Mathematical Association
Annual Conference 2012

at Keele University

Rob Eastaway at the Conference Dinner

Conference video:

MA Annual Conference 2012

Other MA Conference videos can be seen here

The first evening featured a presentation by
the incoming MA President, Marcus du Sautoy:

The Opening Lecture was by David Bedford:

Paul Andrews gave his Presidential Address:

And Bob Burn gave the Closing Lecture:

The Conference Secretary for 2012 was Bill Richardson:

and much is owed, as ever, to Marcia Murray and her team at HQ:
Linda Medhurst, Lisa O'Donnell, Emma de Riso and Charnjit Seehra.

Charnjit Seehra and Marcia Murray

Linda Medhurst

In addition to the plenary lectures, there were over 60 other
sessions, with an enormous range of speakers, including:

Jennie Golding:

Adam McBride:

Rachael Horsman:

Ray Huntley:

Alison Clark-Wilson:

and Ben Sparks:

David Acheson's Mathematical Association Page.