Mathematical Association
Annual Conference 2011

The 2011 MA Conference was held at Loughborough University,
and was widely acclaimed as a great success.

Three short conference videos on YouTube:

MA Annual Conference

Meet the Mathematicians

David Acheson at the MA

Other MA Conference videos can be seen here

Here are some conference snapshots:

Matt Parker gave the Opening Lecture.

There were more than 160 participants...

...with over 80 sessions to choose from, on all aspects of maths,
ranging from primary level to the research frontiers.

Cyril Isenberg produced some large soap bubbles at coffee-time.

On the first evening there was a competition in the bar, hosted
by Adam McBride, to find The Best Piece of Maths Ever...

...though not all the entries were entirely serious.

Andrew Jeffrey and Rob Eastaway ended their Primary Special
with this magic square, accompanied by a completely over-the-top
film soundtrack.

More music, through the maths of vibrating strings,
during David Acheson's Presidential Address.

There was a display of rare books, including
Oliver Byrne's 1847 coloured edition of Euclid.

At the Conference Dinner...

...the after-dinner speaker was James Grime.

Lynne McClure gave the Closing Lecture.

David Acheson's Mathematical Association Page.